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Fancy Feet & Co. Rhodium Filled Herringbone Anklet

What Is Rhodium? First things first. Let’s clear up what this mysterious rhodium is. Rhodium is a precious metal – like gold, silver, or platinum – only more expensive! In fact, it is the most expensive of all the precious metals. Why is that? Well, because it is very rare in nature, it is only found as a by-product of mining for other metals, such as platinum. This, unfortunately, affects the price of rhodium making it very volatile as its availability is connected to platinum supply and demand.

Rhodium Filled Herringbone Anklet

  • For your peace of mind we also offer a “no ask” 
    return policy. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, just return your ring for a full refund within 7 days.

  • Material Rhodium Filled
    Length 9'
    Thickness 3mm
    Chain Type Herringbone
    Color Rhodium


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