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4261 Odyssey Drive

Suite 109

Corona, CA 92883-5646



Tel. +1 310-800-2995

Fax +1 800-864-4749


Employer Identification Number: 84-5049509


VAT: 350 3436 28


Represented by FancyFeetCo., 4261 Odyssey Drive, Suite 109, Corona, CA 92883-5646, USA. 

Represented by Managing Directors: Abeer Atashi, Michael Atashi


FancyFeetCo is a company registered under the laws of the state of California, USA.

Employer Identification Number: 84-5049509. Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, USA


FancyFeetCo is a custom jewelry Designer/Retailer. Our products range from custom fitted toe rings, to anklets, and other custom jewelry.


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